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Police raid cannabis farm, find Bitcoin mine

  • Police say they raided the building thinking they were going to find a cannabis farm.


  • Founder admin

    For anyone curious, this is what police found


    And a closer look at the individual units


    Image courtesy of Sky News - https://news.sky.com/story/west-midlands-illegal-bitcoin-mine-powered-by-stolen-electricity-uncovered-at-suspected-cannabis-farm-12319255

    Despite having a somewhat "amateur" look, this is quite the opposite - something of industrial scale. If you look at the power distribution, this hasn't been wired by a novice - it's easy to see the armoured cable entering a distribution unit, then being fed out to individual sockets - admittedly, this part is very crude, but fully operational.

    The drain on the power running these devices must have been enormous. And finally, if you look closer, you'll notice that each unit has been labelled so it can be easily identified. The ducting at the back of the unit is somewhat primitive in look, but in actual fact, surprisingly well thought out - particularly if you look at the exhaust system designed to channel heat out of the building.

    The chances here are that if the heat had been dissipated in a different or more efficient manner, coming under the radar of the police may have been entirely different. They were looking for what they thought was a Cannabis farm, yet found a Server farm instead 🙂

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