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Should encryption be curbed to combat child abuse?

  • Cyber-security experts, tech firms and lawyers weigh in on the end-to-end encryption debate.


  • Founder admin

    @cerberus This is an interesting debate, but not one that has a simple answer, or resolution. On the one side, there's the issue of privacy, and having encryption ensures (where there are no "backdoors") that this is retained.

    On the flip side are those users who leverage encryption for nefarious purposes, such as crime, money laundering, child pornography, etc. Removing encryption would no doubt expose these individuals (until they are forced to move to another platform that offers protection), but in the same vein, would also remove the privacy controls for those who are not guilty of any offences, but wish for their communications to remain private.

    Sadly, encryption is constantly leveraged by those with less than honourable intentions, and has become a mechanism to protect the criminal rather than the privacy of law abiding citizens.

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