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5 minutes with AJ Samuel – Why legal teams must quarterback data breach responses

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    Data breach and privacy incidents occur daily at organizations of all sizes. Just recently, hackers broke into a water treatment facility in Florida, gaining access to an internal ICS platform, and changed chemical levels; Syracuse University revealed that names and Social Security Numbers of about 9,800 students were exposed; 500 million LinkedIn accounts were leaked, and so on. It happens all too frequently. And while it is obvious that breaches continue impacting hundreds of thousands of lives, yet legal and compliance teams are not always brought in to manage each breach. With increased focus from regulators and law enforcement agencies to ensure organizations fulfill their obligations for post-breach notifications, legal teams can help quickly coordinate internal processes, and take swift action to begin the process of remediating damage and initiate immediate legal steps to protect the enterprise, and comply fully with all regulatory obligations. Here, we talk to AJ Samuel, co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Exterro, about the many benefits of retaining legal counsel, who can better protect the integrity and confidentiality of the incident response.


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