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22% of PC users still running end-of-life Windows 7 OS

  • Bot

    Kaspersky recently conducted a study based on anonymized OS metadata provided by consenting Kaspersky Security Network users. The survey found that almost one quarter (22%) of PC users are still using the end-of-life OS Windows 7, which stopped receiving mainstream support in January 2020 by way of the vendor no longer sending software updates including critical security fixes.


  • admin

    just circling back to this, as I recall visiting a hardware store not so long ago, and found this gem sitting on the desk in the paint department


    Covered in dust ? Check
    Obsolete operating system ? Check
    Vulnerable to attack ? Check

    You could argue that the machine is offline, so the risk is low... But, there's a network cable connected, and it's flashing... 😞

  • admin

    @cerberus Why do people do this ? Talk about leaving yourself vulnerable to attack 😞 I understand from the cost perspective, but if an operating system is no longer supported, you are leaving yourself wide open. Besides this, Microsoft gave everyone (even those with cracked versions of Windows) to upgrade for free to Windows 10...

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