A graphical overview of how the project got started, and where we are on our journey


3rd August 2019

The idea and foundation for Phenomlab is born. One developer, one goal, one mission. To deliver a discussion forum that stands out above all others by allowing you to discuss literally anything related to Information Security

News Bot added

16th August 2019

News Bot added – to be used for automated postings such as the news feed, and much more in the future.

Switching from GA to Matomo

2nd September 2019

We’ve decided that GA (Google Analytics) collects far too much information for our liking, and we really can’t be sure just how much of this is being shared with third parties. Based on this, we still track usage of the platform, but now host this ourselves via https://matomo.org/

New caching engine added

18th September 2019

We’ve recently added a new caching system, which will provide a huge speed boost to both the main website (where you are now), and the discussion forum over at https://discuss.phenomlab.com. Take a look at some of the speeds we’re able to achieve (in seconds) ?

Added ability to change nickname

19th September 2019

Signed up with what you thought was a cool nickname, and have now changed your mind ? We’ve recently added the ability to change this from your user profile 🙂

Privacy controls enhanced

23rd September 2019

What do we know about true privacy ? Not very much it seems if you consider the recent Facebook scandals. On numerous occasions, we’ve heard about information concerning individuals shared with other organisations that were never given that right in the first place.