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Privacy Settings Updated

What do we know about true privacy ? Not very much it seems if you consider the recent Facebook scandals. On numerous occasions, we’ve heard about information concerning individuals shared with other organisations that were never given that right in the first place.

You can now change your nickname

I can see it now….you’ve created your account, and chosen what you thought was a really cool nickname – now, you wish you hadn’t, and would like to change it….

New caching engine added

We’ve recently added a new caching system, which will provide a huge speed boost to both the main website (where you are now), and the discussion forum over at Take a look at some of the speeds we’re able to achieve (in seconds) 🙂

You can now follow tags

It’s now possible to follow entire tags ! Rather than pick discussions piecemeal, you can elect to follow the tag that contains topics you find interesting. This is a relatively simple affair, and can completed as shown enclosed.

Two Factor Authentication now available

I’ve been working on this for a while, but unfortunately, ran into some issues when enabling it. I’ve now resolved those issues, so you can secure your account even further by turning this on.